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Watch Live TV, PPV, Sports, Movies, and TV Shows On Demand TODAY! Watch at home or on the go!


To watch our service on your TV you will need a Firestick or android streaming device such as Chromecast, or Android Onn Box. We also work with Smarters Lite app on iOS/tvOS and Smarters for LG and Samsung.

We do NOT work with Rokus.

movies on demand

live channels

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Premium Live TV


  • 12,000 Live Channels
  • USA Local Networks
  • Movie Channels
  • International Channels
  • PPV

Hyper TV Premium provides value and will be the BEST decision in saving money

  • Stream all Local Stations in the USA (ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS etc)
  • Stream Premium Sports Channels & Live Events (Hundreds of options)
  • Stream Premium Movie Channels Included (HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Starz etc)
  • Stream hundreds of Entertainment Channels (Discovery, BET, OWN etc)
  • Stream Hundreds of custom 24/7 Channels INCLUDED
  • Stream Family & Kids Networks (Disney, Cartoon Net, Hallmark etc)
  • Access thousands of Movies On Demand New & old Content (Included)
  • Access thousands of TV Programs On-Demand New & Old (Included)
  • Access Adult Only Content

Movies & TV Shows On-Demand

  •  Nearly 17,000 movies on demand today & we add new movies DAILY
  • Almost 3,500 TV shows with all episodes.

Hyper TV Premium is by far the best home entertainment service you need for the whole family.

Support that Cares

Whether you are going through setup or having issues with a channel, we will be there for you!

Cancel Those Subscriptions

Drop Your Cable Provider & Drop Your Streaming Services

We over excellent services with economical prices to keep you happy without breaking the bank

No Contracts
No Worries
Cancel Anytime

Watch All The Sports You Could Possibly Ever Need!

Stop paying for League Pass and Game Pass, etc.
Hyper TV Premium has them all your games included!


If you love watching Boxing, UFC, or any PPV Event. Hyper TV Premium has them all included with your monthly package.

Don’t pay for a PPV event again when you have our Premium Service

Minimum Internet Speed

Minimum Base Rate Suggested 25 MBPS  Customers demand quality UHD & 4K options but this requires data. Decent broadband is the most important element for Smooth and Buffer-Free streaming. Although there are many other variables to consider and adjustments that can be made; data transfer speed far outweighs the rest. We suggest 25 Mbps for proper operation.

 NOTE: Please run a speed test on the device you would like to use to ensure your internet terminates at adequate speeds for the service. Wi-Fi interference and distance from router can impact speeds!



Subscription Plans & Pricing

**Free Trials Not Available On Weekends!

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

I was spending $40 per month for cable and a total of $50 monthly for all the different streaming services I liked. Once I found Hyper TV, I cancelled everything and now pay $14.49 monthly. I couldn’t be happier!

Anna T.


I’ve been using IPTV services for about 5 years now. I thought I was with the best provider out there but I did a trial of Hyper TV and was hooked. Less buffering, more options, and great support. Cheaper too!

Dan G.


The thing I love most is the customer support. I needed help getting the app installed and then getting a channel looked at and the admin was very responsive to my concerns. I felt like a VIP!

Kevin C.